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Relationships and intercourse. Many individuals with epilepsy have actually satisfying relationships having a partner.

But, epilepsy may impact relationships for many people, andВ problems with intercourse are typical both for women and men with epilepsy. There are numerous means toВ handle these nagging dilemmas and discover help.

Relationships and epilepsy

Seizures certainly are a real symptom, but having epilepsy often means much more as compared to real impact of seizures, for the individual with epilepsy, and their partner.

The wider effect of seizures

Many people handle seizures well, but seizures may be unpredictable, frightening or shocking, both for the individual having seizures and for folks who see them.

It might be difficult to cope with the memory of the seizure, exactly exactly exactly what the individual with epilepsy appeared to be, the manner in which you both felt, or using the fear so it might take place once more.

Some individuals might not desire to be alone with regards to partner in the event they will have a seizure, or worry from this source being into the exact same destination where it just happened prior to. If this is in a private spot such as with sleep or during time alone together, this may put stress for a relationship. It may possibly be difficult to face this or talk about this, because you can worry that the manner in which you feel might disturb your lover. Speaking it through with some body you trust may assist.

Supporting one another

Many people are various, and there might be various ways to help cope with dilemmas around epilepsy. People with epilepsy do not require a carer, however some might need care and help often, especially when they will have a seizure. Supporting somebody with epilepsy can include providing them lifts, prompting them to simply just just take medicine, or activities that are sharing assist them keep safe.

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